Sunday, 10 January 2010

Flickr inspiration Jan 2010

I've just discovered how to use to create mosaics of my favourite Flickr photos.  So here's my first inspiration board (click for larger view):

1. Bella Luce Photography, 2. A Creative Mint, 3. inspiration board, 4. Lori Marie, 5. Selina Lake, 6. Meet Rachel Ashwell, 7. Color Me Pretty, 8. Etsy artist The Black Apple, 9. Etsy artist The Black Apple,
10. Cath Kidston Sew_bag (I got this book for Christmas, but haven't started any of the projects yet),
11. softies_05 (This would be a great present to add to my mum's collection),
12. My Softies book cover (I have this book too),
13. Russian dolls, 14. malabrigo_turquoise,
15. Filatura di Crosa Maxime print (I'd love to find some wool in this colour combination),
16. Cascade9871_Grape (I also like this combination and it would be great for something wintery),
17. Cascade9921_Caribbean-Sea (I have this yarn and am in the middle of making a scarf with it - need to finish before the weather warms up!),
18. cascade cushion (I like this round cushion in sock yarn),
19. Amigurumi cookies (These would also be great for my mum),
20. Super Mario Star, 21. Hexagon blanket - it grows!, 22. Papier Mache Boxes, 23. beaded heart, 24. Don't keep calm and carry on., 25. Gingerbread Biscuit Bunny in blue tea cup, 26. Crocheted Cupcakes, 27. bonnie, 28. vintage kitsch, 29. bird detail.jpg, 30. Embroidery vine on white linen, 31. Pam Garrison's sampler 2, 32. design 1, 33. Little old quilt house, 34. Haikea Art Zine, 35. beata's crochet pillow cases

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  1. Nice inspirations, glad to have inspired you to create it! :-) Thanks for commenting in my blog!